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what day is it again?


new years copenhagen

fireworks pulse in clear sky
lovely destruction
a ferris wheel of artillary shock waves
oriental sky of gun powder white
shimmer in an eternal moment
cant you taste the fire in the air?

scandinavian skin
orange glow of two table candles
duck and plums waiting
intelligent eyes and red cheeks
a confetti bomb of shimmering colour
relaxation of laughter
flows from our eyes
a polaroid in time

a night of blue
ice skating square
reckless street kids
fire roman candles
across the courtyard
explosion echos
conversation stops
what is happening?

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a new day a new year


the end of one year
just another year
just another year?

white fog
paints the windows

shopping blitz
champagne, apple cider
duck, plums, pine nuts
vodka, limes, mint

an eight course meal tonight
it is time to feast, drink and laugh

to feel weightless delight 
of indulgence and friendship

how are am I going to live next year
how are we going to live next year

in three hundred and sixty five days
i may just ask the same question

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served up a new dish today
it was the bohemian Nørrebro

walls and red bricks
empty spray cans
future landscapes
of steam

historial, gothic cemetary
opens with a slender french lane
of elegant, tall willows
H C Andersens' pensieve ghost
rests on a marble owl

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blog batism


opening entry


december 28th, 2011

north hemisphere blues
twilight at 4pm
walking home

bright mood
waltzing home

look for smiles
other look
to the ground
to their feet

it is all
baltic blue
but one man smiles
one man smiles back

clearly homeless
clearly happy

that is enough

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